Work Trips In Boca Raton part 3462?!

April 2, 2021

Hey guys, it’s been a while. Life is going in a million directions but thankfully one of those directions leads me back to Boca Raton for another Brisea work trip! Since we’ve last talked, lots has happened: we finalized new drops, dropped some sick merch, had photoshoots with some body positive and inclusive models. We hosted a few giveaways, and now we’re brainstorming drops for 2022 and 2023! How frickin exciting is that?! I hope you’ve been keeping up with Brisea on Instagram (@briseaswim), because BIG things are coming. 

Our work trip will have us falling right back into our favorite routine: Wake up, head to Starbucks (Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade in a reusable cup, you’re welcome), open our laptops and schedule out our day, make breakfast, I do some school work while Bri takes care of her duties for the day with Brisea. We shoot over to the beach, for some content, head home for dinner and a little relaxing time, and thenhit up Tin Roof in Delray if I’m lucky and can convince Bri to come out. (she claims she’s old) Repeat. Can you see why we love being down there?! 

Now I need to start planning which suits I’m going to bring, because I only have 4 days to wear suits but how can I choose just 4 Brisea suits? I’ll definitely bring the Lex one-piece, because it is my all time favorite (and not just because it’s named after me). It is SO flattering- seriously my go-to. I think I’ll also bring my Sam bottoms and Delilah top in Cocoa. I really can’t decide on the rest so if I know myself,  I’ll probably just bring them all and pray Bri brings some new samples for me to try out as well! (One of my favorite perks of working for Brisea: sneak peaks) 



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