Quick Trip!

October 3, 2020

Hey guys! My name’s Alexis Kneipp and I’m an intern here at Brisea Swim, and also happen to be a family friend of our founder, Brianna Millstein. We think it’d be a cool idea to create this blog so we can keep you guys up to date with Brisea ventures and everything that we do behind the scenes, along with random stories about all of our fun along the way that I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of (there is never a dull moment with us). I’m no professional, so bear with me, but I like to keep it real so I hope you enjoy and keep up with us as we continue to make Bri’s dreams come true here at Brisea Swim. 

Alright, here we go. Brianna called Nicole (featured often on the Brisea Swim Instagram, also my best friend and roommate, also “Nikki” from the Nikki Bottoms from drop 2) and I, and asked us to come help shoot Brisea content down in Florida, so naturally we  booked the $80 flight an hour later. One week later and we’re leaving school at UD and heading up to East Hanover, NJ to meet Brianna at Brisea HQ. Our Florida itinerary is full of photoshoots, video content, editing, and some time at the beach to show off our Brisea bathing suits, of course; Knowing us, we’d probably forget something super important so we checked our bags about 5 times to make sure… good thing because we have the bathing suits, the accessories, and the computer packed and ready but almost forgot the CAMERA EQUIPMENT. I don’t even want to think about how Bri would react if we landed in FL without the equipment. 

Anyway, we’re all packed up and ready to go! I’m so excited to escape for a few days and just focus on Brisea and enjoying the warm sun. A 6 A.M. flight is definitely not ideal for me, but I guess I’ll bend a little for a cheap flight (I’m a broke college student, I’ll take what I can get). With that being said, it’s 9 P.M. and already past my bedtime, so I’m signing off but stay tuned for updates on our trip… WOO! We’re heading to Boca Raton! 

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