Intern Alert!!

Introducing Ava 

Hey babes, I’m Ava Mancini and an intern of the Brisea Team! I am 19 from Rhode Island and majoring in Fashion and Retail and minoring in marketing. I attend Lynn University in Boca Raton Florida and will be graduating next year as a three-year student. 

Fashion has always been my passion and has influenced everything I do. I started sewing when I was 7 and have been ever since. As much as I love fashion and shopping I also have a deep concern and care for fast fashion. I believe it is my duty to help decrease the carbon footprint left behind from purchasing mass-manufactured products. I do my part by thrifting a lot of my clothes or supporting brands such as Brisea that use sustainable materials or recycles products to produce new garments. This small change makes the biggest impact on our air and keeping unwanted clothes out of the ocean. I also will donate my clothes when I no longer wear them instead of just throwing them away. People are always in need of clothes, especially shelters, which is another option to donate your old clothes too! 

I am so excited for this opportunity with Brisea and to help our goal of decreasing the carbon footprint and making women confident in their beachwear! 

Talk to you soon!


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