November's Stress Awareness Week!

Hey Babes!

We have made it to November and what better way to start the month than to raise awareness for something we all experience: Stress. November 1st through the 5th is International Stress Awareness Week. Stress affects everyone in individual and unique ways. Everyone handles their stressors in their own way. However, some people have yet to grasp onto tactics that help them in coping with stress.

People who struggle with mental illness have an even harder time coping and overcoming stress. This is why during this week we can take initiative in helping ourselves and loved ones affected by mental illnesses and how stress can worsen their mental state. Here are some ways we can reach out and help our close friends and family take control over their stress. 

  • Exercise - Get outside! Either go for a walk or take a dip in the pool! Taking a break from your environments inside can refresh your mental outlook since your physical environment is changing. Engaging in physical activity endures dopamine production which aids in a person's level of happiness. 
  • Journal - Writing down tasks for yourself, shopping lists, and feelings are all great ways to manage stress. Stress can occur when people are overwhelmed by type thoughts of doing things. By writing down your daily or weekly duties you can visualize your week and accomplish your tasks and alleviate the stress from them. Also keeping track of your emotions and moods can help you from being reactionary in stressful situations. Rather you can clearly write down how you're feeling and develop your overall outlook on the situation. 
  • Mindfulness - Practicing mindfulness allows you to embrace being in the moment. When stress is induced on an individual living in the moment can be difficult. Taking a step back to reform your perspective is a great way to reduce stress.

Take control of your life and help your loved ones conquer stress this week!

-Brisea Team

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